CDs by George
In 2005, George recorded a collection of tales he told his children years ago, at their request "Daddy, tell us some stories about back when you were alive!" The CD is available for purchase for $15 at various Topeka bookstores and coffee shops. Contact George for details.

Paris Farmhouse 1920

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1. Introduction: The Barn

2. Angel Food Mud Cakes - made with real eggs and dust bowl dirt

3. When I Was in Show-biz - surprising performances as a child

4. Mama's Grapes of Wrath - the unexpected grape juice factory

5. The Prodigal Mule - how our neighbor's prized mule got trapped in our cesspool

6. The Great Rabbit Drive - my role in the control of the rabbit population

7. The Defiant Hen – how I got a hen out of our valuable vegetable garden

8.  The Black Blizzard – trapped in Dodge City during the worst dust storm in the history of Western Kansas

9.  Oh Tannenbaum – Christmas trees, or their absence, in our home

10.  Grasshoppers Galore! – our battle with the grasshopper plague

11.  The Haystack – a narrow escape on a Sunday afternoon

12.  Gone! Fishing? – catfish hunting whether we wanted to or not

13.  Milking Those Cows for All They Were Worth – the twice-daily chore with those frustrating cows

14.  When I Was a Cowboy – herding cattle on horseback

15.  Walking on Water – what appeared as a miracle on our farm pond

The photographs illustrate the times and scenes narrated in the stories. George's parents worked the farm for a full decade, from 1929 til 1939, without making any profit, raising four children while subsisting on a variety of home-grown products and bartering. George's younger brother's grandson, Aaron, still runs the Paris farm today.

The Paris Family ~
Florence, Mary, Clara, George, Glen, Robert

George in 1940, 13 yrs old

George with one of several farm puppies

George with sister Florence Marie
Farm ponies
Farm ponies
Black blizzard
Black blizzard

Dust storm

Rabbit drive

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