About George...
Born in Lane County, Kansas, George Paris began his education just as the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl era began. His parents were farmers and existed for a full decade without income from their farm, but they survived and his younger brother and his brother’s grandson still farm the same land.

George holds a degree from Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas plus Masters degrees from Vanderbilt University in Nashville and Union Theological Seminary (Columbia University) in New York City. He was ordained in the United Methodist Church and served in campus ministry work until 1970. He and his wife Velma reared five children. George assisted his wife for 12 years in political campaigns while she was a county commissioner in Shawnee County. The family has lived in Topeka, Kansas since 1964. He taught art for nine years in a local high school and served on the staff of the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library for almost 16 years. He volunteers there now.

George has been an artist, an actor, a clergyman, a craftsman (pottery), a teacher, and is now a writer of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. His CD, entitled “Back When I Was Alive” contains 14 stories of growing up in western Kansas during the Dust Bowl. He is a member of the Saturday Night Literary Club and Vice President of the Kansas Authors Club, District 1. He is the president of the Topeka St. Andrews Society, whose members are mostly of Scottish birth or descent, and wears his kilt to those meetings.

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